Richard D. Murphy

is a Stress Coach and a Tai Chi instructor with 32 yrs. of training and experience. He has worked as a Native Community Worker at a traditional healing lodge. He combined his training and experience to provide effective healing programs for emotional pain. Richard is also a published author.



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A Message From Richard:

I am fortunate to have learned that emotional trauma can be dealt with in an effective way.  This realization was confirmed for me when I went to work at a Traditional Native Healing Lodge.

I came to realize that nobody chooses to suffer. Nobody intends to end up on an unintended path of self – destruction.

This personal realization is what motivated me to create The Warrior Path Healing Program.

Too many brave warriors are being taken down by an invisible, yet powerful enemy. Far too many families are being devastated by loss and grief due to post – traumatic stress.

Helplessness is leading to Hopelessness.

This is terribly unjust and immoral. With the ongoing conflicts that persist around the world, there will be no solution for warriors any time soon. Good people are destined to continue suffering post – traumatic stress.

It is the exponential nature of post – traumatic stress that makes it so profound.    

I believe that PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY could provide a way for individuals to heal on their own terms. People need to have a real sense of hope that is backed up by understanding and support. I also realize the need to make this program affordable.

This is the basis of The Warrior Path Healing Program.

I will soon be offering an Ebook for the spouses, family and friends of PTS victims. Hopefully, this will help these groups to understand what is needed for someone to heal. This can help those who are in a supportive role to know that there is hope for positive change.

Emotional healing is a Personal Revolution!