Post – Traumatic Stress is all about relationships

Post – Traumatic Stress is all about relationships


Some examples of post traumatic relationships are:

  • Body / Mind
  • Mind / Heart
  • Anger / Fear
  • Anger / Hurt
  • Hurt / Sadness
  • Guilt / Shame
  • Helpless / Hopeless

Relationships are sources of power. If we misunderstand this power and believe that it is beyond our access, then we can feel helpless. This understanding can help us to know how to dissect a problem such as post – traumatic stress. The same understanding of relationships can also help us to see a solution for positive change. This is what happens when you are overwhelmed by negative thought and feelings. If you are also struggling with an issue of a personal relationship with self, then you are without support. The relationship of self [and support] is crucial. This support must come from within as well as from without.

Plan A is to have a positive image of self and a sense of internal support.

Plan B is to reach out for external support.

The combination of plan A and plan B is an example of a power base relationship. If one of these relationships is not available to you, then hold closer to the other.

Mindfulness exercises can create and support a healthy sense of internal support. This form of power base is most important when life takes an unintended turn for the worse. It is a good idea to remember that PTS may have made you more vulnerable to some of life’s challenges. Having a solid and reliable power base may become more necessary than you know. Meditation can strengthen your ability to focus on your desires rather than your emotional pain. It will help you to feel free to reach out for needed external support.

  • Maintain your inner support by combining the mind and heart with mindfulness.
  • Recognize all of the relationships that create and support your life.
  • Identify all of the relationships that create and support your spectrum of stress.
  • Disrupt all negative relationships that support stress.
  • Feed all positive relationships which support your desires.


 This is a Personal Revolution!