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ebook-coverYou have made the right decision to take back your personal power and to fight for what is yours. I am your tour guide. My job is to show you how to navigate this process in the most effective and efficient way. You are only 30 days away from rediscovering for yourself that the truth can set you free.

I created this program to help people who are dealing with the extreme effects of post – traumatic stress. It is intended to assist those who don’t feel comfortable reaching out for support. I understand that privacy is important to some. I wanted to offer a self – help program which could remain private, confidential, and affordable. This way, you can correct this situation on your own terms. The sad reality is that too many people are not getting the help that they need. This is a great injustice because military personnel deserve better. Allow me to help you to get it done. Your family knows that you deserve better. They are afraid that you won’t find the way back.

You can disarm the helplessness of Post – Traumatic Stress.

I intend to show that the negative effects of Post – Traumatic Stress are natural processes and therefore can be changed. I hope to demonstrate how this truth can restore your freedom to choose.
It has been my experience that once people can understand their personalized experience with PTS, something changes. They are free to feel a restored sense of hope. It is possible to neutralize the power of Post – Traumatic Stress.

Another consideration is the ‘Personalized vs. Generalized’ perspective. I don’t believe that a generalized approach to healing will work for PTS. Each individual has a personal story of causal and effectual influence that has manifested as post – traumatic stress. If we look only to one perspective we miss out on the bigger picture. People need to feel confident in the process of their own healing.

It is misguided to think that a ‘cookie cutter’ approach will bring consistent results.

Within each uniform is an individual.

Their particular circumstances need to be considered when they are facing such a powerful sort of stress. We can’t ignore the fact that the best way to address the extreme effects of PTS is to personalize the healing process. Therefore, I have created this healing program to reflect that consideration.

Please try to understand that healing this extreme form of stress is possible. You can restore a tangible sense of freedom from emotional trauma. You don’t have to feel stuck. These issues can be dissected and sorted out. This is a path that leads to relief, management, and prevention of the effects of PTS.

You can take back your life.

About the program

How to get the most out of this healing program:
I designed this healing program to be accomplished over a period of 4 weeks. This is how long it takes to make changes in the mind, and to create new habits. This will help to make this program more successful for you. The mind must be engaged in creating positive change. This will naturally take a certain amount of time. It took time to create this problem and it will take time to correct it. Considering the tremendous power that post – traumatic stress has had over people it is a good idea to create every advantage possible. Try to be patient with yourself as you do this. Patience is power.

This program is arranged in 4 parts. Do one part per week and then take a break in between. Relax for the weekend. This will give you the time to digest what you’ve learned and to engage in self – care. It is very important to address the needs of the body as well as the mind at the same time. This will help to relieve the pressure from the emotional heart.

I created this healing program to be private and confidential. However, I suggest that you connect in some way to support. Find someone you can trust to accompany you on this healing path. This will ensure your success as you face the issues that can overwhelm. It is vital that you trust the idea that you already possess what is needed to accomplish this effort. My job, as a tour guide will be to lead you through the process of walking this healing path. I know what is possible.

This program is designed to provide:

      • Increased self – awareness.
      • In depth understanding of the nature of emotional trauma.
      • Strategic neutralization of the enemy within.
      • Focus on self – care.
      • Evaluation of progress.
      • Effective aftercare.

Healing from emotional trauma is not as difficult as it is to continue living with it. This is what I ask you to believe and trust. I have witnessed many people who came to realize this for themselves. Try to push through this and you will see that you have been bound by something that is relatively unnecessary and avoidable. You will discover that the stigma that surrounds PTS is false and harmful. You cannot be blamed for being affected by something as powerful as post – traumatic stress.

My mission is to help you to feel better and to think better!