Fear, guilt and denial were my friends.  I didn’t need to deal with my emotions.  I was OK.  Until anxiety attacks began to overtake my life because I couldn’t deal with any kind of confrontation.   I was so good at hiding things that no one even knew about the attacks.  Rick began talking to me about his work and explaining the process.  The thought of feeling good again sounded so great but fear held me back.  And then one day it sinks in and I realize that I had better get a grip on things or the outcome may not be good.

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Rick Murphy for helping me to feel so much better about myself and supplying me with the tools to take charge of my healing.  Family and friends have noticed a significant change and approve.   I can’t deny how good I feel.  Like a giant weight has been lifted off my chest.  Why did I wait so long?   It’s not as hard as you fear.

I meant to add something about how your personal experiences have given you a gentle, caring demeanor and real understanding of healing that I have never run across with any other counselor.

Sue H.

I have known Mr. Rick Murphy for a few years now, and have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Murphy and experience his presentations. Rick delivers a thought-out methodic and in depth presentation style. His objectives reach to the core of the matter.

I would highly recommend Mr. Murphy and would be honoured to work alongside him again in the future. The unique perspective and value added style is one that is refreshing to experience. You will not be disappointed.

Best Regards,

“All true motivation comes from within the individual.”

Edward Michael Raymond

Mr. Richard Murphy has done numerous workshops for me on different topics since 2006. His knowledge of Native history, Residential school effects, Intergenerational issues, vicarious trauma has been a great asset to the deliverance of workshops in our community.

I am grateful to have access to such a talented and knowledgeable person as Rick. The warmth and kindness he radiates is felt by many of the participants.  He has helped many of the Walpole Island First Nations community with his experience, knowledge and quality of meditation, and Tai Chi. Ricks genuineness and kind heart touches the lives of many. It gives me great honor to say that he has been an asset to the many people to come to his workshops at the Walpole Island Health Center.

Evaluations and personal acknowledgments have all been very positive.


Darryl Blackbird
Community Mental Health Worker
Walpole Island Health Centre 

I met and worked with Rick Murphy during 2011 and 2012. Rick was always willing to come and meet me or talk on the phone to discuss the struggles I was dealing with in my marriage. Ultimately the work was about finding my own inner strength and power. His approach is both unique and empowering. By illustrating to me my need to focus on the positive attributes within myself, overcoming decades of negative thought about myself and discovering that I was indeed behaving more and more like the man I really wanted to be I was able to resolve the aforementioned marital struggles and find more peace in my life. Rick has designed a program that allows you to discover which areas of your life may be causing stress and teaches ways to make peace with yourself and offers tools to move you forward. Meditation has proved to be my most valuable tool in finding inner peace and transforming my negative thought and behaviour patterns. Rick was always willing to share a part of his journey and the struggles that he has had over his life which helped me to identify areas of common human experience and made me feel connected to someone and not alone with my burdens. Rick Murphy was a catalyst to finally being free to live humbly and happily. He is a kind, compassionate and brave soul. Thank you for your contribution.

Sincerely, Deen W.

It was a thrill having you come into Union Gas and share your knowledge and insight with us.  I could tell that you had the attention of everyone in the room by the silence and that the group hung onto your every word.  I could see that you had them mesmerized and engaged by the response that we received and the questioned that they asked and the participation in the exercises that you took us through.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, and for leading us down the path to self – discovery and improvement.  Your insight into what was needed with our group was incredible and your patience in explaining things so that we could each understand was appreciated.

Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with us.  We truly appreciate this.

Sincerely, Jeanne Papak, Health and Safety Committee

Union Gas – Windsor, ON

I am honoured to write this reference letter for an individual whose workshops I benefit from and enjoy attending, whose personal story I admire and hail for his courage and determination, and whose message/vision of hope and self – care is contagious. Mr. Murphy has presented in the Walpole lsland Community for over ten years. Workshops on meditation, stress relief, Qigong and Tai Chi. Even attending year after year, his workshops are informative, challenging, healing; expanding on known points and encompassing new.

Further we had the pleasure last fall of hosting Mr. Murphy at Bkejwanong First Nation Public Library for a Meet and Greet the Author event. This event included a meditation session and the opportunity to purchase copies of Mr. Murphy’s newly published book: ‘Change Your Stress, Restore Your Freedom to Choose.’ This session was very well attended, books sales were high, and evaluations of the event indicated many patrons would enjoy having him come back.

I have experienced firsthand and seen in others, how Mr. Murphy’s workshops have touched those grieving, those suffering from past hurts, those under stress in need of affirmations and hope. I have recommended his workshops to family, friends, and colleagues. From youth to elders, Rick’s message reaches across the age groups. Rick’s kindness, his calm, his ability to share from his personal experiences and techniques he has learned to further self – care and healing, touches all who attend.

Sincerely Yours, Anne Fournier

Librarian – Bkejwanong First Nation Public Library

Walpole lsland First Nation

I have been witness to the work Rick Murphy has done at the Southwest Regional Healing Lodge.

Rick has worked successfully doing personal counseling and organizing and running group sessions. I have worked for him and the centre doing nutrition seminars. Through this contact with the centre, I was able to see his acceptance by his peer group, showing a cooperative work environment.  Rick is a good person and will work tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Suzanne Frenette A.N.N. and ADP

Board certified Digestive & Colon Therapy

Reflexology, Nutrition Coaching, Thai Massage

London, On, N6B 2M4