The Healing Path

The Healing Path

The Healing Path

This is a method of restoring emotional balance. It may require a certain degree of courage to seek out the truth, but that is the path to personal freedom. This path is a process of discovery and recovery. It is a good example of the truth setting you free.

  • Have the need and desire to cross the bridge of positive change.
  • Find the courage to search under every rock for the truth.
  • Allow self to be enthusiastic about the process of positive change.
  • Face the past with empathy for self.
  • Embrace the future with hope and courage.
  • Have patience with self along the path.
  • Be more understanding of self – past, present, future.
  • Give self the permission to let go of what is no longer needed.
  • Find the compassion for inner self.
  • Have the courage to be wrong about self.
  • Give self the permission to be more deserving.
  • Don’t allow stress to blind you to the truth of the love that surrounds you.
  • Challenge every assumption that you are somehow responsible.

The Bridge of the healing path:

  1. Begin by examining your negative self – image as a baseline value.
  2. Look at the changes you have experienced over the past few years.
  3. Examine the generations that preceded you.
  4. Look for the influences which may have originated there.
  5. Examine the stages of your life for more intimate experiences and their influence.
  6. Debrief each stage of life path experiences.
  7. Develop letters that fit for you.
  8. Offer genogram, lifeline, and letters to a fire.
  9. Ponder the meaning of what you have realized in this process.
  10. Celebrate the possibility of a new perspective.

PTS has you rooted to a past event. The power of that can cause you to be easily pulled backward. At the same time, any new stressor will have the power to push you back into earlier learned behaviors. It’s hard enough to deal with one power source. However, when you are trying to heal and this happens, it can become too much for anyone.

What to do?

Heal the past so it won’t have the power to pull you backward. Keep moving forward.

Rick Murphy